New Collection 2021-2022

by Hana Menkes

Hannah Menkes, a Shenkar graduate fashion designer


Hana Menkes, a fashion designer, Shenkar College graduate, began her professional activity as far from the synagogue as possible… For years she served as the chief designer of the brands Gottex and Diva and was the one behind the most colorful and fashionable swimwear seen on the beaches of Israel and around the world.

Nowadays she engages in bringing the fashion chic to the holy shrine by way of special handwoven Tallitot, custom tailored personally for each and every client.

The process of making a Tallit begins with characterizing and coordinating expectations, as well as selecting the materials. Once the sketch is approved, the real work begins: making the embroidery, collecting the goods, casting the stones and sewing.

I’ve never been a minimalistic person, I love things to be luxurious and colorful and I bring it all into my Tallitot as well. On the one hand, I integrate tradition by embroidering Bible verses on the Tallit, while on the other hand I use combinations of textures, special ornamentations, fabrics with various prints, and strong diversity of colors – all the while, maintaining a certain masculine style and character. This is very daring, but of course daring is a matter of relativeness

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