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 “…bid them that they make them throughout their generations fringes in the corners of their garments, and that they put with the fringe of each corner a thread of blue: And it shall be unto you for a fringe, that ye may look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the LORD, and do them...”

Numbers 15: 38-39


Hana Menkes, a fashion designer, Shenkar College graduate, began her professional activity as far from the synagogue as possible… For years she served as the chief designer of the brands Gottex and Diva and was the one behind the most colorful and fashionable swimwear seen on the beaches of Israel and around the world.

Nowadays she engages in bringing the fashion chic to the holy shrine by way of special handwoven Tallitot, custom tailored personally for each and every client.

The process of making a Tallit begins with characterizing and coordinating expectations, as well as selecting the materials. Once the sketch is approved, the real work begins: making the embroidery, collecting the goods, casting the stones and sewing.

“I’ve never been a minimalistic person, I love things to be luxurious and colorful and I bring it all into my Tallitot as well. On the one hand, I integrate tradition by embroidering Bible verses on the Tallit, while on the other hand I use combinations of textures, special ornamentations, fabrics with various prints, and strong diversity of colors – all the while, maintaining a certain masculine style and character. This is very daring, but of course daring is a matter of relativeness”.

Hana Menkes

The products


Barak Talit

 ₪ Talit:  3600

Layer 3.jpg

Boaz Talit & Tefillin Bags

₪ Talit & Teffilin bags: 2700

UriGrun39634 חדשה אפורה.jpg

Ilay Talit

 ₪ Talit:  3600


 Eliav Talit

 ₪ Talit:  3200

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Aviad Talit

 ₪Talit: 5400


Abigail Challa Cover

 ₪ Challa Cover: 1650

 ₪ 2700

 ₪ 2700

 ₪ 2400


Hana’s wonderful designs and special story sparked great interest in the press,

which made them famous in the fashion sections of the leading websites as well as in the printed media

חנה מנקס - מאקו


"BESHEVA" Magazine

חנה מנקס - בשבע

That rectangular garments most identified with Judaism is undergoing a new golden age and bringing in lots of color into the synagogue… you too are welcome to leave conventions behind and wrap yourself in style.

"There are all kinds of clients who come to me: fathers to youngsters coming of age on the verge of their Bar Mitzvah, young men about to get married, and simply people who say prayers on a regular basis and wish to renew their wardrobe… All of them have something in common: the aspiration to pride themselves with an extraordinary Tallit with a strong emotional connection to accompany them for many years”.

“One of the best gifts I’ve received for my fiftieth birthday, and in my whole life so far”.  

“I’ve prayed with the jewel… it feels like the fabric of the Tabernacle…

I really love it and the color is just perfect”.

“Incredible work-up, a Tallit that never slips! I feel as if it were part of me”.

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  • The commandment of the Tzitzit from the Bible has made the rectangular garment to one of the identification marks of Judaism. Jewish people have been wrapping themselves in it during prayer for over two thousand years. The Tallit accompanies the person in all the great ceremonies of life from birth to passing and aims to make him remember all the other Commandments and stay away from evil inclination. During the prayer the Tallit isolates the praying person from his surroundings and makes it easier for him to concentrate. Make sure the Tallit you are ordering is manufactured according to the laws of the Halacha and that the Tzitziyot are tied up the right way.

  • While designing a made-to-measure Tallit several components should be selected. First, you have to choose the type of fabric. Most Tallitot are made of wool. Then you decide on the colors. The Tallit may be adorned with any possible color that can even be integrated within the stripes. The Hana Menkes studio makes a particular emphasis on patters and textile, custom-tailored for each and every client. A special feature, such as a family heirloom stone or a phrase characterizing the person who will be praying wrapped in the Tallit, may also be embedded.


  • The size of the Tallit has to be fit to the person’s body. The average height of the Tallit would be between 1.50 to 1.80 meters. If you tend to pray with your head covered, the Tallit should be long enough for that.


  • Dry cleaning is best for the Tallit, but if you insist on washing, only use cold water, up to 30°C. Clean it inside the house (to avoid damage caused by the sun) and do not use a dryer.


For more information, and if you wish to order a special Tallit just for you or as a unique gift a loved one, call us at +972-50-6689093

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