Adam Talit

The price of the Talit:  2200 ₪

A talit that is characterized by a classic and soft design that gives the worshiper a distinguished look with a regal appearance.

The talit is in shades of white and light blue. It is decorated with ceremonial Jewish symbols in the neck adornment and the corners. The bright shades of blue symbolize eternity and modesty. The fringes (tzitzit) are tied in the four corners. A lot of hand work is invested in the creation of this model.


Additional details:

- The fringes are attached and tied as per custom by a licensed rabbi, who recites a blessing.

- The talit is made of 100% pure lambswool.

- The tallit is uniquely woven at the shoulder points to prevent slipping.

- A unique woolen tallit coated with a microscopic material that repels stains and liquids.

- The quote from the Bible can be changed.

- The name of the worshiper can be added.

- A personal dedication can be embroidered.

- The colors in the talit stripes can be chosen by the customer

- The Hannah Menkes brand has a marketing infrastructure that enables distribution to every Jewish community in the world.

- Hannah Menkes produces custom-made models, takes care of the quality of products, and is committed to accompanying every customer from the moment of purchase, and along the regularly uses.

- Delivery according to the stock and availability of fabrics in the studio. - There may be slight changes between products, such as color change, fabric type, caption, etc.

- Dry cleaning only.

- The pictures best describe the product, but they are for illustration only, there may be slight changes compared to them.

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